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Stellar Cabinetry is a division of Meyer Brothers and Sons, a family owned and operated design, build, and remodel firm established in 1978. In the beginning, brothers Dick, Joe and Jerry were master carpenters, building and finishing cabinetry in the garages of the homes to be installed in. Over the years, family members and employees were added and services diversified, and the brothers’ love and passion for custom crafted cabinetry continued to grow.


Our Beginning

Stellar Cabinetry was created by Rick & Joey Meyer, second generation sons, on the foundation built by their fathers. Rick, an architect, and Joey, a master carpenter, brought a new set of skills, innovation and passion to the firm. In response to a growing demand for competitively priced, quality designed and crafted cabinetry, they developed not only a new cabinetry line, but a new way to think about the process. For several years they researched and developed relationships with other professionals and have met that demand through the use of technology and the implementation of greater efficiencies in both the design and construction processes. This has resulted in costs ranging from $250 – $400 a lineal foot, the most affordable custom cabinetry on the market.

Our Process

Stellar Cabinetry is available two ways. For clients outside of Cincinnati, we offer flat packed, ready to assemble cabinetry shipped anywhere in the US, containing all elements for a complete cabinetry package. This requires assembly by a skilled homeowner or local carpenter. For clients in the Cincinnati area, we offer fully assembled cabinets delivered to your home. In addition, we offer installation of your custom cabinetry as well as full remodeling services through Meyer Brothers and Sons. Your road to Stellar Request a Quote starts here.

Care & Cleaning

Stellar Cabinetry finish offers the utmost protection for kitchen cabinet applications and provides superior chemical and common kitchen stain resistance. We recommend periodic cleaning with a mild detergent and water solution to remove dirt, dust and grease that buildup with routine usage. Dampen a soft, non-abrasive cloth and wipe entire exterior surface of cabinetry and dry with a soft cloth. Never use a wet cloth that allows water to run down the cabinetry and wipe dry cabinetry immediately if water is spilled onto the surface. Care should be taken not to use abrasive cleansers, ammonia or any other type of harsh chemical. These cleaning agents may cause discoloration, scratching, marring and dulling of the finish.


Stellar Cabinetry will be guaranteed for a period of one year from final installation date from manufacturing defects. This guarantee does not include improper care or negligence of the cabinetry by the Client. Natural characteristics commonly found in solid wood such as color variation, even when a finish is applied, will not be considered defects. Due to the inherent nature of wood, some expansion & contraction will occur in a product in proportion to its size and the environmental conditions involved. For this reason, some movement is expected, especially at the point of insertion of the raised panel into the frame. Slight movement at the frame joints may disturb the finish and show up as a small crack. Stellar Cabinetry will not be guaranteed against discoloration and expansion occurring as a result of high moisture or humidity conditions.

Using guidelines established by the American Woodworking Institute, panel doors, when checked corner-to-corner, exceeding .003″ per lineal inch deviation will be considered warped and will be replaced at no charge to Client. Frame only & mullion doors will be allowed .005″ per lineal inch deviation.

Maximum size guarantee = 24″ wide &/or 40″ tall.